Fast-Tracked Sales Potential in Just One Month

474 relevant companies contacted

+ 21 positive answers per month

3.6% positive reply rate

Fast-Tracked Sales Potential in Just One Month

Before turning to Leadspicker, Svott had no sales strategy in place. Since launching in 2007, the company had been essentially relying on word-of-mouth to land projects with leading manufacturers like Skoda Auto.

Svott’s innovative approach to digital modeling and prototyping has helped shape hundreds of projects from sketches to full-scale visualizations and animations. Using cutting-edge machinery and technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, to deliver customized 3D models, the company’s dedication to quick turnarounds and laser-like precision has made it a fierce market competitor over the last two decades.

The goal now is to widen its client base in Central and Eastern Europe, primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it sees great growth potential in the region’s booming manufacturing industry. 

M16 | Exterior design
Additive manufacturing and prototyping

The Challenge:

Before turning to Leadspicker, Svott had no sales strategy in place. Since launching in 2007, the company had been essentially relying on word-of-mouth to land projects with leading manufacturers like Skoda Auto. The company was also targeting product-design businesses and wanted to ramp up its prospecting in both sectors with personalized outreach across multiple channels.  

Svott was looking to secure predictable monthly lead growth without having to set up a full-time internal sales team to streamline and automate the process. Its aim was to install a system that would ultimately generate at least 20 positive leads per month. 

Leadspicker delivered 21 leads after just one month of cooperation.  

7-axis robotic milling centre


Leadspicker created a buying persona and analyzed Svott’s purchase triggers. Using its unique AI-powered approach to build a custom campaign for Svott, Leadspicker contacted a total of 474 companies during the initial one-month cooperation, resulting in four meetings. The positive reply rate was 3.6 percent. 

After evaluating the results, Leadspicker advised Svott to expand its prospecting to include a wider area of Eastern Europe, in addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where a number of emerging markets will fuel Svott’s long-term growth targets.  

Svott — with Leadspicker’s guidance — will be formalizing its expansion and sales automation plans in the first part of 2021. 

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Clients say
“We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve just automated the data acquisition and outreach process. And now, we’re helping our customers to do the same.”

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