Learn how we helped P3 Logistic Parks find more attractive leads


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Learn how we helped P3 Logistic Parks find more attractive leads

Learn how we helped the biggest logistics company find more attractive leads with outreach and sales automation. Expand your sales efforts with Sales Booster.

P3 Parks is a company that develops, owns, and manages logistics and industrial properties such as warehouses, distribution centers, and light manufacturing facilities. Their properties are designed to meet the needs of companies in various industries, providing them with modern and efficient spaces for their operations. P3 Parks operates in multiple countries across Europe and offers a range of services including leasing, property management, and development of bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their clients. They focus on sustainability and incorporate green technologies and practices in the design and operation of their properties.

We've been using SaleBooster for over a year. It's a great tool for sourcing and reaching out to new companies outside our regular network. - Ales Zacha, Head of Development

The Challenge

P3 Czech turned to Leadspicker’s Sales Booster team to help them find potential clients and reach out to them in a personalized way. Sales Booser compiled a list of 1500 leads that fit P3 Czechia’s ideal client persona, ensuring that the leads were a good match for the company services.

Using Sales Booster’s hyper-personalized outreach approach, P3 was able to send customized emails to each lead, highlighting the specific benefits and features of their warehouse spaces. The Sales Booster also provided ongoing support and optimization to ensure that P3 Czechia’s outreach was as effective as possible.

The Solution

Thanks to the Sales Booster campaign P3 received impressive results in a short amount of time. Their outreach efforts result in 66% open rate and 25% reply rate.

As part of the cooperation, we've also decided to launch the usual Sales Booster prospecting campaign when we reach out to 1500 leads that would be the right fit for P3 strategy. Weekly review meetings with the P3 Czechia team allow us to optimize the campaign for the best performance possible.

As a result of a Sales Booster campaign, P3 Czechia was able to secure new clients and expand their business. The personalized outreach approach helped to build trust and credibility with potential clients, leading to a higher conversion rate and increased revenue for the company.

The Conclusion

With the help of Leadspicker's Sales Booster, P3 Czechia was able to overcome their main challenge of acquiring new clients. The hyper-personalized outreach approach proved to be highly effective in reaching decision-makers and generating interest in the company’s service. 

If your company is looking to expand its client base and boost sales, consider using Sales Booster to help you achieve your goals.

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Clients say
“We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve just automated the data acquisition and outreach process. And now, we’re helping our customers to do the same.”

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