Use Cases of Automated Lead Generation

With the cooperation of our analyst team, Sales Booster automates the following processes:

Direct Outbound Sales

  • Find new contacts and reach out to them with personalized communication.

  • Get feedback from customers and influencers about your product.

  • Accurately monitor your sales team’s results.

Business Development

  • Build authentic relationships with potential clients, partners, and distributors.

  • Maintain and scale regular communication with your partner network.

  • Use results to constantly tweak and improve campaigns.


  • Find the right investors for your company.

  • Systematically seek out investors according to sector.

  • Pitch your idea and get funded with Leadspicker's Sales Booster.

Staffing & Recruitment

  • Comb through LinkedIn and other job sites to find ideal candidates.

  • Target the right people for your business and get them onboard.

  • Lead generation on Linkedin has never been easier.

Upgrade to the next generation of sales prospecting

Imagine a world where you walk into your office and find your inbox packed with meeting requests, all done automatically by your personal prospecting assistant.

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