Best B2B lead generation strategies to help close more deals

Best B2B lead generation strategies to help close more deals
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Finding new customers is the crux of expanding and growing any business. For companies, this means having tried-and-tested lead generation strategies in place.

Having a healthy pipeline is ultimately what leads to predictable revenue growth. We’ve put together a list of the best B2B lead generation strategies guaranteed to help you close more deals:    

Automate your sales process

Companies looking to significantly increase B2B lead generation need to automate as much of their sales process as possible. This is the best way to increase your pipeline and monthly revenue flow.  

One of the most proven lead generation tools on today’s market is Sales Booster. From outbound emails and cold calling to dedicated multi-channel follow-up sequencing, we automate much of the lead generation process for you, targeting your ideal customer based on your specific criteria. 

Sales Booster’s most recent email campaigns netted strong results: 

  • 98-99% delivery rates 
  • 50-58% open rates for European prospects
  • 38-42% open rates for US prospects 
  • 10-15% average response rates 
  • 1-5% positive response rates, depending on the product. 

Identify & target ICP

Who are you targeting? Once you have identified your ideal customers, then everything else should fall into place. You’ll be able to implement effective sales strategies and campaigns. Determine which of your potential prospects fit in with your ideal customer profile and align with your interest. Understand your prospect’s pain points and motivations. And then prioritize your prospects to calculate how much energy your team should expend on turning them into long-term, loyal customers.     

Increase cold B2B email open rate  

Sending cold B2B sales emails to potential prospects can be one of the trickiest parts of the lead generation process. You need to grab your prospect's attention at the subject line, and keep the momentum going past the first two sentences of your message. Here’s the good news: you can easily automate this process with Sales Booster

The key elements of a successful cold B2B sales email include

  • Attention-grabbing subject line
  • Concise, personalized message              
  • Eye-catching CTA
  • Professional signature

Stay on top of follow-up sequencing 

Follow up, follow up, follow up — the golden rule of any progressive sales department. Don’t let a potential lead fall through the cracks because you forgot to follow up with them after sending out your initial cold email. Studies have suggested that a prospect typically needs between five to 12 brand interactions before they’re willing to invest in a company’s offer or service.

Automate your follow-up sequencing with Sales Booster so you never miss a B2B sales opportunity again.    

Another common approach used by veteran B2B sales reps is the BASHO follow-up email sequence

  • Send initial personalized email: Wait 24 hours
  • Send follow-up email: Wait 48 hours 
  • Send next follow-up email: Wait 72 hours 
  • Send next follow-up email: Wait 5 days 
  • Send final personalized email

Use social media to find leads 

Social media platforms, like LinkedIn, are fantastic resources for finding new customers. Searching for companies that meet your ICP is one way to start. You’ll need to seek out competent decision-makers at these businesses and establish a relationship. Cold calls and emails are one way to accomplish this, but there are other, more effective ways as well.

Has one of your contacts written a post? Leave a comment there and start a conversation that way. If you notice they are attending an event or conference, or attended one in the past, use that as a peg to initiate communication. Always be creative and personal in your communication. No one likes formal emails. Any personal touch you can add is great, and a splash of creative and playful copy also helps.

Boost retargeting efforts 

Turn one-off buyers into repeat customers and repeat customers into loyal customers by retargeting these customers with products that will bring them back to your website. Don’t write off customers who haven’t made a purchase in a few months. Entice them back with exclusive offers and special discounts. Re-engaging with past customers will help you increase your conversion rates and your average sales volumes.  

Create high-quality gated web content 

Generate high-quality web content, information that your target audience is interested in and actively researching. Blog content, white papers, videos and guides are all great ways to establish your team as experts in a certain field. Use SEO keywords and phrases to lure prospects to your website. And gate your content. This will allow you to offer your content — your expertise — in exchange for a potential prospect’s email or other personal information.     

Run A/B tests on paid campaigns

Are you reaching your target audience? Are you turning prospects into leads? Are you using your budget efficiently? A/B tests on paid campaigns can help you answer these questions. They can quantify your lead generation strategies and techniques as well as identify what needs tweaking. Always make sure to rigorously test any new strategy before implementing it on a wider scale. 

Contact Sales Booster today, and let us help you streamline your lead generation efforts and increase your annual sales revenue. 

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