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November 12, 2022

Best Sales Automation Tools for Lead Generation

Sales automation is the future of your sales team. With the introduction of social selling to shake up how we think about marketing and funneling sales, automation is the best way to address many of these new challenges.

Finding the right tools for the job has never been easier. There are companies and tools out there for you that want to work with you to help you scale your business. We have collected the best sales automation software of 2022 to get you ready for growth in the new year. 

HubSpot Sales

Price: Plans ranging from free to $3200/month

Customer relationship management (CRM) can become increasingly difficult as you gain more and more customers. You may be wondering how your sales team can stay on top of things with so many leads to maintain communication with. It can get confusing. Fortunately, there are tools like HubSpot sales to keep CRM simple and organized. Pairing that with their configure, price, and quote (CPQ) capabilities, you can be closing more deals than ever before. With their over 940 integrated tools in the HubSpot App Marketplace, you have access to all their CRM, sales engagement tools, reporting, analytics, and more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Price: Plans start at $64.99 per month

LinkedIn has become the place for social selling. With the amount of prospecting leads you can find on this free-to-use website, it is essential that you make sure you are doing everything right. That’s where Sales Navigator comes into play. Since they are directly integrated into LinkedIn, you will have the best access to help with your Social Selling Index (SSI) score. Your SSI is LinkedIn’s way of telling you how well your profile is performing on the platform and what you can do to improve it. Sales Navigator will work directly with your SSI to help you make the suggested improvements. Additionally, Sales Navigator has advanced LinkedIn search options, lead recommendations, integrated CRM, notifications for sales updates, InMail messaging, and more. They offer a free demo for you to test their features and see if they suit your needs. 

Sales Booster

Price: Plans starting at €1,500

If you want your pipeline doubled with half the work, Leadspicker’s Sales Booster is the sales automation tool for you. Sales Booster offers the best lead generation and cold emailing automation on the market with their award-winning AI technology. They have worked to perfect their email and LinkedIn messaging personalization techniques, incorporating unique hooks and triggers for each of their over 550 clients. They will implement strategies to give your email address a good reputation, keeping your messages permanently out of spam folders. Working with Sales Booster means outsourcing your sales team and having them do the tasks that are slowing your staff down. Sales outsourcing means 75% of the work your team is wasting their time on can go to someone else who will do it better. They will help you to understand, locate, and optimize strategies with your target market and ideal customers. 


Price: On Request

Outreach strives to provide companies with more insightful engagement with their prospects. Their AI onboards, trains, and continually guides your sales reps in order to maximize sales efficiency. This will get your entire team working at a higher efficiency, since they will all be working using the right methods. Outreach’s AI system uses proven techniques to ensure your message is being spread in the right channels to the right audience, generating you meaningful leads every time. Outreach’s dashboard provides you with detailed data analytics to ensure you and your team are always exceeding your sales goals. 


Price: Starting at $132.30 per month

LeadFuze is an advanced search engine that allows you to more easily track down potential leads. Using their extensive database of companies, employees, and all their contact information, you can locate the leads you need quickly and easily. They will verify the company information for you in real-time, ensuring you always have accurate contact information. Additionally, you can set the criteria you want in your leads and LeadFuze’s AI technology will do the hunting and begin the CRM process for you, sending new hits from your search criteria straight to your inbox ready to have a meaningful conversation. 


Price: Starting at $215 per month

Zopto is a tool for filtering potential leads and customers through LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Zopto’s convenient dashboard allows you to easily track your outreach campaigns and use data analysis to understand and manage your leads. You will filter your ideal customers, set your desired level of engagement, tell Zopto if you would like them to make connections, send InMail, view profiles, and more. Then, Zopto’s AI will run on your behalf, generating leads in the background while you go about your business. You will also be assigned a Customer Success Manager, who will be available to you to help you tweak your strategy and see more leads in your inbox. 


Price: Starting at $39 per month 

Spotio promotes their field sales engagement tools, which are designed for accelerating and streamlining the CRM process. Your sales team will become up to 46% more productive as the Spotio automation captures CRM data and provides them with templates for emails, calls, and texts. Their unique Sales Territory Mapping tools allows specific regions to be allocated to sales reps with ease, giving them all the information they need to scale in that territory. All of this information will be kept in a simple to use and detailed dashboard. Spotio keeps your team organized, improves data analysis, and aids in global expansion. 


Price: On Request

Zoominfo has an extensive and comprehensive business database full of hard-to-get contact information. Hosted in the cloud, you can seek out any type of B2B contact information at any time. Saving time searching for the best ways to connect with leads will lead to more  closed deals, since your sales team can work more efficiently. Their AI tech can be used to analyze your prospecting conversations to understand what works to get sales and what doesn’t, giving you some important data to expand your business. ZoomInfo can also be integrated into many other sales applications, making it likely that ZoomInfo can be incorporated into your other sales automation platforms and strategies. 


Price: $500 per month 

AI technology is on the forefront of improving sales techniques. ScaleX is a prospecting tool that integrates artificial intelligence to efficiently fill your sales pipeline. They combine the power of social selling for outreach with personalized AI technology that will connect with your prospects in a natural way. This will automate up to 75% of the work of your sales team, freeing up their time to respond to the leads generated and make more sales. ScaleX’s AI uses LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out to your ideal prospects and start engaging with them. This technology can generally locate up to 97% more leads than your average sales person. 


Price: Plans Starting at $49/month

Growbots is an outbound sales platform designed to increase efficiency and stuff your inbox with quality prospects. Lead generation is automated, with cold emails personalized and sent out on your behalf. From there, you can open your inbox and find all the sales opportunities you need. Growbots has access to over 200 million high-quality B2B contacts in a database that their AI will know how to target to suit your business needs. Growbots has the resources and the industry knowledge to make decisions for you, freeing up you and your sales team to close deals and create meaningful bonds with your new customer base. 

Where Will You Go Next? 

The integration of sales automation tools will mean more leads and more time to convert prospects to customers. The years of sales reps glued to their phones all day are no more, as cold calling has quickly been replaced with automated cold emailing, social media prospecting, and web-based sales outsourcing. All that remains is the question of: what will you and your sales team do with the time to grow? 

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