Digital Signatures: A Guide for B2B Paperless Technology

Digital Signatures: A Guide for B2B Paperless Technology
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

From passport photos to driver’s licenses to any kind of work contract, the meaning of a signature has withstood every change in culture to convey incontrovertible proof of a person behind its writing.

From passport photos to driver’s licenses to any kind of work contract, the meaning of a signature has withstood every change in culture to convey incontrovertible proof of a person behind its writing. Its use in technology is no different, and, because its meaning has not changed, it has taken on pernicious proportions. A subtle but important modern twist to desk bureaucracy, electronic signatures have had a two-fold effect of fostering personalization while increasing the efficiency of workflow.  

Notable software programs include:


You can save time, money, and the environment by electronically affixing your name to documents as well as preparing, managing, and acting on documentation between you and your clients. DocuSign has emerged at the forefront of the business of digitizing bureaucracy, making pen and paper tools for the history books.

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Also owned by DocuSign, SpringCM generates, automates, manages, and stores documents in DocuSign’s secure cloud. Documents are able to seamlessly pass from hand to hand with the required signature, reducing miscommunication and increasing efficient work-flow. 

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Eliminating all hassle in signing on the digital dotted line, AdobeSign has made the signature process secure and as easy as a swipe and a tap. 

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Use case: Outreach

Companies are finding that this small amendment works wonders for the sales process and to make community outreach more widespread. Opensense, a start-up that specializes in e-mail was approached by, a B2B startup that operates pipeline management, velocity, and efficiency. In growing ticket sales for a sponsored event, Outreach wanted to create professional emails for its sales team and to control its brand to ensure standard email communication with all of its clients.

By implementing e-mail signature banners, ticket sales were increased by 10% and made e-mail one of the highest ROI channels for Outreach. Eye-catching brand signatures demonstrably made a concrete impact on company morale and customer impression. This small change also allowed for what was initially not even considered as a potential outreach sales engagement platform in Outreach’s outreach strategy to become one of its most proportionally lucrative investments. 

E-signature and CRMs

It’s not just Outreach that’s reaping the benefits of digitized email signatures. Companies are integrating e-signature technology with their CRM to patch one of the most common paint points on the market place. Customers at-scale will be able to efficiently and securely sign documents without any need for a printer or pen to sign and seal any deal. With the advent of the e-signature, companies and governments are finding new efficiencies in work-flow and managing bureaucracy. It’s no wonder; paper-based agreement processes are slow, inefficient, manual, and error-prone. Everyday, they’re saving time on bureaucracy and are increasing ROI in a subtle piece of business administration.


E-signature programs automate this process and streamline business systems so that your outreach definition and signature are clear and consistent. States that process 20,000 forms per year have been able to save nearly 600,000 USD by switching to digital documentation and e-signatures.* Everyday, company janitors are finding paper bins full of everything except legal and business documentation. These same companies have been able to give idiosyncratic approval to clients/ prospects on a mass-scale while sustainably and environmentally-consciously maintaining client-company relations. 

However, it is a testament to the resiliency and stubbornness of human habit that we maintain a belief in the signature as a personally written name at the bottom of a contract. There is nothing concrete or forceful enough to stop e-signatures from taking on much more invasive forms, and, while the written signature becomes easier and easier to forge, these new invasive forms will increasingly be seen as necessary. Everything from fingerprints to retinal scans can be made part of bureaucracy and serve as proof of your personhood behind each document. However, any widespread use of signature-technology at the moment can only be pure speculation.

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