A Fast and Efficient Way To Generate Hot B2B Leads

A Fast and Efficient Way To Generate Hot B2B Leads
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Every business needs qualified leads. You may have an effective sales team, but how much time do they spend doing mundane administration tasks like searching for new leads, cold calling prospects, following up, and logging the information.

If your sales team could focus on what they do best, closing leads, what impact could that have on the bottom line? You could transform the selling process and create red hot leads for your senior sales team, boosting results and cutting back on downtime.

It's crucial to maximize the work of your sales team when you want to break into a new market or launch a new product. But, even on a day-to-day basis, streamlining the sales process can help increase revenue.

You may not have considered outsourcing sales, but it can be like adding rocket fuel to your results.

Sales automation is far more than a popular buzzword. It can improve team productivity, boost revenue and increase client engagement. A highly personalized, targeted email campaign can make a significant difference to your long-term sales results.

Sales Booster can identify B2B decision-makers, cutting out the legwork for your sales team by providing hot leads, prospects ready to buy. We can help your company penetrate new markets, launch new products or services and send a steady stream of qualified leads to your inbox.

Why would you consider outsourcing the sales process?

Well, for one reason, sales automation can boost productivity by 14.5%. It can improve your reporting, such as sales forecasting. It can help you understand and develop your client demographic by viewing statistics such as what email templates create engagement, lead to appointments or sales.

Statistical data enables you to narrow down your sales efforts to focus on those that work.

Save time with Sales Automation

According to an independent study of salespeople, almost 90% of respondents said they would benefit from time-saving tools or sales automation. For instance, how long does it take to craft a sequence of email templates? It always takes longer than you think, especially if you want to A/B split test emails. And, unless you hire an expert, your emails can end up in the spam box or have a poor clickthrough rate.

If your emails have engagement, it can be challenging to measure the data accurately and utilize it to optimize your campaigns further.

The definition of successful email marketing is to send the right information to the right person at the right time. And that takes skill. Sales Booster know, from experience, how to maximize your email campaigns for the best possible results.

Why waste time on trial and error email marketing, hoping it will work, tying up your sales team when they'd rather be out on the road selling and closing deals.

We send personalized emails to prospects matching your ideal customer persona, identified by in-depth demographic research to focus on finding high-quality leads for your company.

Sales automation is not a way to replace your sales team. It is a powerful method for shortening the sales cycle, boosting productivity by reducing menial administration tasks, and, last but not least, increasing revenues for your business.

Sales Booster identifies neutral and negative email responses, as well as hot leads. This filtering system further reduces wasted time and allows your sales team to convert prospects ready to buy and build a loyal bank of clients. And, neutral leads can eventually lead to a sale if carefully nurtured.

How Does Sales Booster Work?

You'll be pleased to know that our sales automation is a simple process. We understand your company needs top-quality leads. Over the years, we developed and fine-tuned highly effective technology for identifying the right prospects, nurturing the buyer's journey, and sending a high level of hot leads ready for your sales team to close the deal.

Finding the right prospects

We'll discuss your ideal client persona, checking the demographics such as industry, location, age, interests, education etc.  When we have a complete list of demographics, identifying the perfect client persona for your business, we get started finding a comprehensive list of potential ideal clients.


Targeted, relevant and personalized emails are the way to succeed in an email campaign. 

Our highly-developed technology knows the hooks and triggers to engage with your ideal clients. Emails are timely and contextual, perhaps referring to their social media engagement, an event they attended, or an article they wrote.

We never send out generic emails.

We gather information to get to know your prospect, and, with each email, we nurture the client through the buyer's journey to eventually land as a qualified lead in your inbox.

Everything is always under your control

If you haven't used a sales automation service before, one of the concerns you may have is about relinquishing control to a partnering company.

We can reassure you that you oversee the entire process from start to finish. We ask that you review and approve messages before we send them to your prospects. You can add or omit anything you want to change and add the sender's name of your choice, perhaps one of your senior sales team members.

After that, you don't have to worry about a thing. We take care of all the fiddly aspects of email delivery, such as DKIM records, SPF etc., ensuring each email is top quality before the outreach.

We want your emails to stand out among the multiple dozens of emails your prospect might receive every day.

Split Testing & Fine Tuning

We Split test messages and optimize them to the best potential. But we'll have weekly meetings or calls to fine-tune the process if needed, always aligning with what is important to you and your business.  

Our prime motivation is customer satisfaction, so we aim for peak effectiveness, optimal communication and excellent results.

Although interactive technology is fantastic, we still believe in the human aspect. So we have a project manager and data analyst optimizing your campaign on a consistent, ongoing basis. We want you to feel connected to the process throughout and feel that you can maintain control of every message we send out on your behalf.

How do you know if Sales Booster will work for you?

We have worked with many customers across the globe, with excellent reviews. If you want to see Sales Booster in action, read a few case studies – with results data - to see how it works successfully for other businesses.

What's next?

Our core mission is to fill your pipeline with warm leads. Sales automation can add sales predictability and growth and cut down on administrative tasks, helping to oil the sales process, freeing up time and driving more sales.

Our job is to qualify the leads and send potential clients to your inbox. Your sales team can do what they do best, close the deal.

If you want to improve results for your sales team, cutting back on tedious tasks and closing more deals, talk to us today.

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