Lead Generation Services That Will Help You To Scale [Updated 2021]

Lead Generation Services That Will Help You To Scale [Updated 2021]
Vlastimil Vodička
September 29, 2021

It may seem counterintuitive to hand over sales sourcing tasks to a lead generation company. But what does outsourcing leads involve, and how could it work for your business?

Being a business leader involves constantly assessing ongoing market changes, adapting your strategies to benefit the company, and maximizing your sales team's efforts.

You may be concerned about losing accountability and control of the sales process. But now, more companies realize that outsourcing sales can streamline your efforts by reaching the right prospects for qualified leads ready for your sales team to close, reducing time spent cold calling.

This article covers how a lead generation service could help your business to grow efficiently and effectively. We will look at the pros and cons of hiring an external sales partner to generate B2B leads and see how it could make a big difference to the bottom line.

Further, we'll compare the services of some of the top B2B lead generation companies and software specializing in sales and marketing to generate quality leads.

Sales outsourcing is not a one size fits all service. You may want to delegate market research or handling inbound or outbound calls. Or you may prefer to generate qualified leads. You can, therefore, appoint an agency to manage all or part of your sales process or use automated software to improve your existing system.

What sort of Companies Benefit from Sales Outsourcing?

How much time do your salespeople spend selling compared to the time spent on driving, administration, cold calling and meetings?

If your sales team currently spends 70% of their time on none sales tasks, how much more effective would they be if they could focus on closing qualified leads?

Companies with limited resources or requiring a more tactical approach to sales find it helpful to generate B2B leads by working with a professional agency. It makes sense to improve the sales process and free up valuable time.

Outsourcing sales can help your teams spend time doing what they do best. Of course, hiring an external sales partner isn't for all businesses, so how do you know if outsourcing sales could help your business?

  1. You have a small team struggling to manage the day to day tasks and following up on leads.
  2. Your budget doesn't permit you to hire the best sales team.
  3. You want to break into a new market, but you have limited sales resources or talent. You may wish to expand geographically or launch a new product range.

All businesses benefit from having a strong sales team, but it pays to take a close look at where your team's energies are channelled. Time spent closing qualified leads can only improve your sales process.

But how do you get started, and what can a lead generation company bring to your table?

What does a Lead Generation Company Offer?

  • Prospecting & identifying qualified leads – saving your sales team many hours of leg work.
  • Working with your ideal client persona – personalized and targeted marketing eliminates time-wasting and returns qualified leads ready to buy.
  • Data collection – an agency gathers data on prospective clients to build a solid list and qualify leads for your business.
  • Data scrubbing – quality control is vital to ensure your business only receives top quality, qualified leads ready for appointments with your sales team.
  • Lead nurturing and qualification – through a personalized process and using high-spec CRM, the agency nurtures the prospect to make sure it's the right contact to lead to an appointment with your sales team. This process requires high levels of professional expertise to achieve positive results.
  • Marketing Services (Inbound Lead Generation) - Marketing is an essential aspect of lead generation, and most B2B agencies provide various inbound marketing services. Inbound marketing may typically take second place to outbound marketing.

    Inbound marketing is powerful because there are clients explicitly looking for what you have to offer. So, if you position your product or service in front of these prospects, you know they are ready to buy. Inbound marketing may include SEO (search engine optimization ) for your website and optimized online content such as a blog or articles. Video is also fast becoming a popular media for inbound and outbound marketing and not forgetting social media marketing.

How to Prepare for Outsourcing Lead Generation

Automating your sales processes leads to more productivity from your sales team. It saves valuable time and benefits the call to sale ratio. But it's essential to know if your business is ready to outsource sales to generate B2B leads.

When considering outsourcing lead generation, keep the following five tips in mind.

  1. Why? – what is your reason for outsourcing? Can you manage this process in-house, using software, or does it make business sense to outsource?
  2. Your goals – what do you hope to achieve from automating lead generation? Do you want to grow your client base, maximize the sales functions of your team or enter a new market? Being clear about your goals from the offset can significantly improve the results of a campaign.
  3. Identify the project's scope – decide what markets you want to be covered and what aspects you need to outsource to an outside agency.
  4. Keep your teams informed – align your sales and marketing teams with your decisions before proceeding to outsource. You want everyone working towards the same outcome, so clarify roles, responsibilities and KPIs.
  5. Do you want an automated or manual system for outsourcing sales? – You may wish to use sales outsourcing software to automate critical sales functions or prefer to involve a manual agency.

Clarity is essential to make the most of an external sales campaign. So take the time to understand the above five points before using an external source to generate B2B leads.

Top 10 Lead Generation Services

The following list highlights a few of the top-performing B2B providers for outsourcing sales, and if you prefer an in-house solution, we have picked a small selection of software providers.


Category: B2B lead generation services

Price: On request

CloudTask helps SaaS company sales leaders to grow more sales and increase company revenue by finding the right prospects and booking qualified meetings. The company's sizeable professional team drive sales and development, focusing on revenue growth. They can also help you to run renewal or upsell campaigns for your existing customers

If you're looking for a top-level service, CloudTask provides account executives to help seal the deal whether you are launching, growing or scaling your business.


Category: B2B lead generation services

Price: Custom pricing on request

Cience has worldwide offices, providing a streamlined and managed service, including sales development and research. The sales team members use cutting-edge tools, processes, and methodologies for proven outbound lead generation results to achieve your business goals.

The company's fundamental goal is to target prospects aligned with your ideal customer persona and help them make an informed buying decision.


Category: B2B lead generation services

Price: On Request

Established in 2012, Operatix helps B2B software companies in North America and Europe to increase growth and revenue. They also assist tech industries, startups and emerging software vendors. Sales outsourcing tasks include cold prospecting, outbound sales development, lead qualification, account-based selling and deal management.

To find out a price for your project, you can complete the website ROI calculator so that Operatix can quickly assess your business needs.


Category:  B2B lead generation services

Price: On request

Callbox is a B2B service helping companies with top-ranking services for generating leads, such as appointment setting and lead generation, using proven strategies.

If you're looking to generate B2B leads with warm and qualified prospects, Callbox can help fill your sales pipeline. Whether you have a small budget or an unlimited budget, the company can provide a solution to help your business exceed your sales goals and increase revenue.

Sales Booster

Category:  B2B lead generation services

Price: Plans start from €1,500

Leadspicker's Sales Booster provides a personalized and contextual outreach that guarantees a constant stream of qualified leads to your inbox. Starting with your ideal client persona, Sales Booster enters the data to target your ideal audience and gets to work finding you the best leads.

Sales Booster offers a human-led approach to working with you to reach out to and nurture your prospects. Your qualified leads are automatically sent directly to your calendar and inbox, making it easy for you to follow up quickly and close the deal.


Price:  On request

Category:  B2B lead generation services

Established in 2016, JumpCrew uses a systematic approach to launch your campaign, starting with brand awareness, tailoring their marketing efforts to suit your brand. Their highly trained and experienced sales representatives can handle the entire sales cycle until completion.

JumpCrew uses strategic and relevant data with consistent and contextual messaging to help turn a prospect into a customer. Their dedicated sales team connects with the decision-makers and demonstrates your offer's value, and they close sales.

JumpCrew provides a selection of services, including a full-funnel strategy, email and content marketing and search engine optimization.

Top Lead Generation Software


Price:  On request

Category: Lead generation software

Zoominfo is B2B software with a significant contacts database to help your business development and sales teams access better data for qualified leads. Zoominfo has built-in B2B artificial sales intelligence (AI) that provides email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers and prospect background information. Smart sales data means more chances of finding the right decision-makers for your business.

Visitor Queue

Price: From $31 a month

Category: Software

Visitor Queue provides state of the art, user-friendly, intuitive B2B software for generating leads. It leverages tracking script data for collecting and finding quality leads via live website traffic.

You can quickly identify leads through the Visitor Queue dashboard, spotting essential company data of benefit when it comes to closing a deal. The software provides details of social media profiles for decision-makers, the number of employees and contact information. It also tracks existing customers, so you don't miss important follow-ups.

The software works equally well for existing and new business development opportunities, and a 14-day trial is available.


Price:  From $63 per month

Category: Software

Leadfeeder prides its company on upfront pricing to suit your business needs, and you only pay for the leads you receive. That's a big bonus if you are working with a small budget.

You can choose a monthly or annual payment plan and cancel at any time, and a 14-day free trial is available. Leadfeeder is a unique platform with native two way CRM integrations. The software can identify a company from the ISP, regardless of the network they are browsing.


Price: Starting at £20 per month

Category: Software

Salesforce provides Sales Cloud, interactive sales force automation software to save you time, improve your bottom line and transform your sales management. The innovative software allows you to sell and connect with your customers to suit the needs of both. You can track your contacts, opportunities, and key deals.  Sales Cloud helps your business to manage the entire sales pipeline and drive sales performance.

You can get access to a free demo of Sales Cloud by filling in a form on the Salesforce website.


Hiring a lead generation company is a big decision, but many companies agree it was the best choice they made for their business. It can be hard to control the sales process when time or resources are limited, and your sales team spends more time cold calling or completing admin tasks.

A lead generation services company can generate B2B leads that are ready to buy, leaving your sales team to do what they do best and close the deal.

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