List of Cold Email Templates That Convert 2021

List of Cold Email Templates That Convert 2021
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

The first impression counts. Your cold email can lead to a conversation or a stone-cold silence. With over 300 billion worldwide emails sent every day, is it worth planning a cold email campaign?

Response rates tend to be lower for cold emails, but it can be a marketing strategy that requires only a little effort to produce results.With so much competition, how can your email grab the attention of someone that does not know you?Think about it. What makes you open one email and delete the rest? What is the secret code to writing emails that get read and encourage recipients to take action?

It's all about the human connection, the personal touch. Add relevance and context to the recipe, and you are ready to bring more customers to your business.The trick is to know what works. You can save many hours trying to find the winning formula by using cold email templates that work.

One of the first components of any successful relationship is feeling understood, and, sadly, many companies forget this when sending cold emails. You're writing to a human being who feels compelled to respond to what is important to them.Underpin your email content with an appreciation of behavioural science, and you have a head start over your competitors.

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In this article, we're going to find out what makes a great email, with five cold email templates you can use to amplify your cold email campaigns.So, before you start writing your emails, know your prospect. Research the demographics and psychographics and, if possible, learn something unique about your prospect, something that immediately channels their focus to your message.

Have a goal for your email. Primarily, the first objective is to develop a relationship.Your prospect is unlikely to buy from the first email. Typically, the recipient may need to see your messages 5 – 7 times before they consider buying. So play the long game. Build trust and rapport.

Your emails need to be relevant, targeted and aim to encourage your prospect along the sales funnel. Personalization is the king of email content. No matter how busy your prospect is, it's hard to ignore your emails if you directly relate your content to them.The most time-intensive aspect of cold email marketing is research. But the deeper you go, the more chance of a good ROI.

You want the prospect to open and read your email – remember that with every line. Keep the writing conversational, personalized and relevant.

Here's a quick checklist.

  1. Have a great subject line of 40-51 characters.
  2. The first line in the body of the email should address WIIFM (what's in it for me?), so your prospect wants to read more.
  3. Keep the content concise and on point.
  4. What is the value proposition? (WIIFM?).
  5. Have a clear call to action – the CTA should always encourage the prospect to do something. It could be downloading a free report, reading an article, book a call, watching a video, etc. You do not necessarily go straight to the sales pitch.

Address the prospect's pain points and add your solution. You might want to refer them to a customer you helped that had the same problem.

Close the email with a thank you. If you have additional relevant content, you might refer this to the client to further increase engagement. But be wary of having too many links which could get flagged as spam. And, for the same reason, avoid adding images, certainly in the first few emails with a low word count.

Cold emailing may seem like a lengthy process, but once you grasp the concepts of personalizing your emails with relevant and targeted content, you will see engagement and sales increase. The more effort you put into the foundation of cold emails, the better ROI you are likely to see.

You can make your job easier by automating the process with a company such as Sales Booster, which has a wealth of experience helping companies succeed with cold emails.

Here are five cold email templates to help you get started.

1. The Introduction Email

Your first email is the most important because you have to establish credibility and start the relationship. It's a brief introduction to your prospect.

Hi [first name],

I recently read reviews of [company name] on [platform]. I was impressed by how many customers mentioned your excellent customer service. It's essential to get that aspect of business right, but it can be hard to do. So well done [first name].

I'll get to the point. I am [your name], and I work for [your company name].

I noted a few comments on recent shipping issues. So I wanted to tell you how we help companies like yours in [industry] improve shipping times by [% or whatever is relevant] on average.

I'd love to have a chat about your current shipping provider and discuss how a few changes could improve results for your business and help clients get their products on time.

Could we schedule a quick 15-minute chat next week? I'm free Monday or Thursday afternoon so let me know what day and time would be best for you.

Much appreciated,

[Your name]

2. The Personalized Email

Nobody wants to feel like a number. So crafting a unique personalized email can help your company stand out among the hundreds of generic emails in the prospect's inbox.

Hi [first name]

I just read your [blog post/comment/status] on [platform], and I felt compelled to reach out. I specifically liked what you said about [whatever it was], which really made me think about [whatever].

Your [blog post/comment/status]  prompted me to briefly mention how [their company] could benefit from our [product/service] that resolves the issue regarding [whatever].

I'm happy to refer you to many clients we've helped with [the same problem].

I'm free on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Would either of those days work for you [name]? The call would take no longer than 15-minutes.

Many thanks,

[Your name]

Personalization works. In a study of 20 million cold emails by Woodpecker over two years, they report that [first name] or [company name] returned a 17% reply rate. Emails without personalization resulted in a 7% reply rate.

 3. The Helpful Content Email

Your goal for cold emails should always be to provide value to the prospect's inbox.

Hi [first name],

I read your interesting article on [platform], and it made me want to learn more about [topic]. I was especially fascinated when you said about [sub-topic] because [add reason].

During my research, I found this article on [subject title] that you might find helpful. I think you might like reading it because [refer to perceived value].

Many thanks

[Your name]

Everyone wants to know their work is appreciated, so the helpful content email is an excellent way to get attention, establish trust, and build rapport.

 4. The Results Email

This email is about demonstrating to the prospect that your product or service works and can help their company.

Hi [first name],

I was checking out [industry] lead generation software results on [wherever] and, after reading several reviews of [their company], I think this might interest you.

We help companies like [company names] generate more customers by using proven, cost-effective lead generation techniques that get a great ROI.

For example, we helped [company] achieve [explicit result] in [time frame].

I'd love to share how I get such great results.

Would you be interested in finding out more with a quick 15-minute chat on Friday morning?

Many thanks,

[Your name]

Notice, you don't need to provide a ton of sales spiel. Keep your message on point in a few short paragraphs.

5. The Demo Email

A demo email is a low-pressure way for your prospect to explore how your product or service may help their company. For instance, send them a short demo video they can watch.

Hi [first name],

I have worked with companies like [company names] who have had a similar problem with [common challenge].

With [your product/service] these companies solved this [challenge], resulting in [relevant statistic demonstrating improvement result].

Here is an example video of a project I created for [company name]: [insert link].

Would you be interested in having a chat about something similar?

The video demo shows what your project could look like in less than a couple of minutes: [link].

[Embed video]

If this is something you would be interested in, I am free to chat on Thursday morning, if that suits you?

Many thanks,

[Your name]

Key Takeaways

Cold emailing need not be a chore. You are reaching out to a human being. If you have something to offer that benefits their company, personalizing your emails can go a long way towards adding value to your prospect.

Keep your emails warm, professional and friendly.

Avoid starchy corporate-speak and keep your writing style conversational.

If you'd like professional help with cold emails, Sales Booster can provide a bespoke service to generate qualified leads from targeted, personalized and relevant emails.

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