Upgrade to the next generation of sales prospecting

Upgrade to the next generation of sales prospecting
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Does it often feel as though your teams are wasting too much time searching for leads or prospects? We think so too. Senior sales representatives shouldn't be spending their precious time researching for prospects.

By streamlining tedious, manual and time-consuming processes which in turn, amongst numerous benefits, gives time back to your team to focus on what they do best - scoring sweet sales.​ So, why should you consider integrating our form of sales technology? The bottom line is that Sales Booster fills your inbox with positive, neutral and negative responses - allowing you and your team to focus on building loyal customer relationships in the process. 

Leadspicker’s core mission is to predictably accelerate revenue by filling your pipeline with endless potential warm leads. If you consider that Sales Automation is proven to boost sales productivity by 14.5%. If you are looking to grow exponentially, expand to different countries or just have a better utilization of your senior sales team you're on a perfect path to benefit from the service.

How It Works 

Leadspicker understands that high-quality leads are everything, which is why we’ve formulated a simple process for success. 

Identify Ideal Customer 

All you have to do is provide us with your ideal customer profile: Where are they located? Industry? Size? Once we’ve established this framework, we’ll use this to gather a comprehensive list of warm leads. 


Who likes random and irrelevant messages in their inbox? We developed a technology that allows us to reach your potential prospects with hyper-personalized hooks and triggers. This might be an event they visited or an article they liked on social media. All you have to do is sit back, watch your email notifications treble and ultimately, profit.

All under your control

Now it's your time to step in to review and approve the messages to the generated prospects. You are always in control of what is sent in your sales rep’s name from the email of your choice. 

Email delivery, guaranteed

SPF, DKIM records, domain warm-up -- that's all on us. Sending reputation is important and we make sure it's excellent before the actual outreach.

Reach Out and Optimize

Now it's time to A/B test messages and optimize them as much as possible. Usual process includes weekly meetings/calls to make sure we're going the right direction. Effectiveness, optimal communication, and customer satisfaction are must.

Innovative Technology Meets Human Forces 

Even though we live in a 21st century technology is not everything and we love  having  a data analyst and project manager that constantly optimize your campaign to produce the best results. Having a human aspect involved in every project allows you to stay in control of every message Sales Booster sends out. Want to see sales automation in action? Head to one of our case studies and learn how you can meet your KPIs too!

What's next?

We bring the clients, and you close the deals. Prepare to expand your growth on predictable grounds, boost your revenue and give back the time to support your sales team. Sign up in the form below and start automating today!

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we’ve just automated the data acquisition and outreach process. And now, we’re helping our customers to do the same.

– Vlastimil Vodicka, CEO, Leadspicker 

Upgrade to the next generation of sales prospecting

Imagine a world where you walk into your office and find your inbox packed with meeting requests, all done automatically by your personal prospecting assistant.

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