Sales Automation: Processes in Sales You Can Automate Right Now

Sales Automation: Processes in Sales You Can Automate Right Now
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Most sales reps are so bogged down with repetitive administrative tasks that they spend less than 36% of their workday actively closing deals.

Less than 36%. This abysmal statistic has become somewhat of a defining characteristic of the sales industry over the years. 

But thankfully, the tide seems to be turning as more and more companies discover sales automation is the key to improving productivity, boosting sales and growing revenue.    

Just think about it: how many more deals could your sales team close per month if they didn’t have to worry about answering emails, scheduling meetings and chasing down leads? 

Undoubtedly, a whole lot more.

Here’s a list of tasks that should be at the top of your sales automation list:   

1. Pipeline Management

Your pipeline is the pulse of your sales operation. Keeping it healthy, well-feed and meticulously maintained is a relentless job. Automating certain tasks in the process can balance the load and make it more scalable.

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting: These two go hand in hand, working together to make sure your sales team has a steady stream of potential customers to work with at all times. 
  • Lead distribution: Your leads will be sent directly to the appropriate sales rep based on specific criteria. 

Automation technology will alert your team when a lead is ready to be approached and suggest which ones to pursue first. Also, having a good CRM system in place will help you to better track leads and prospects during various points in the sales process.    

2. Scheduling Meetings

Sales reps are constantly jumping between calls and meetings. It can be difficult to remember everything on their to-do lists. Automation can help make sure they don’t miss a scheduled introductory call with a potential client, a team meeting or an important sales presentation. 

  • Sync meetings and calls between tools 
  • Set up automatic reminders    

Scheduling automation can also help your team close more deals. There are tools available that will automate the repetitive tasks involved with scheduling online meetings for customer-facing teams. These tools allow leads, for example, to schedule their own demo or meeting with a sales rep that best fits their schedule. At Leadspicker, we use tools like Calendly on a daily basis.     

3. Documents

Taking time to draft proposals, contracts and other presentations can eat away a sales rep’s entire day depending on the complexity of the topic. Document automation can assist in the creation of e-documents. Most transactional documents can be automatically generated these days using templates and pre-existing data. Try also looking into e-signatures. It will save your sales department time and ultimately help make workflow more efficient. Learn more about Document Automation in this article from Amit Agarwal.

4. Email

From sending cold emails to menial data-entry tasks, sales reps spend an estimated 21% of their work day dedicated to their inboxes. They should be spending their time on building business relationships and closing more deals, not manually segmenting databases or crafting a follow-up sequence.  

These repetitive manual tasks are important and need to get done, but they can be easily automated.      

  • Email personalization: Personalized email outreach is one of the best ways to get a response. It’s estimated that 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if their experience is personalized. Emails that are personalized also net around a 30% open rate and a 5% click-through rate.    
  • Email nurturing & sequencing: Remember to nurture your contacts during every stage of the sales process. This can include asking and answering questions and suggesting next steps, like scheduling a product demo or a phone call.   

Things to consider before automating your sales processes

Sales automation is by no means meant to replace sales reps. That’s impossible. Rather, these powerful tools and services are there to help streamline the sales process. Make it more efficient. Help you maintain your competitive edge and increase your deal flow. 

With this in mind, don’t go overboard on automation. 

  • Only automate repetitive manual tasks 
  • Test it and make sure your target audience is receptive
  • Looking to close a big deal? Then automate less or be more cautious
  • Human contacts still outdo machines when it comes to building rapport  

Are you ready to get started? Sales Booster can automate all the tasks covered in this article. Contact us today and start closing more deals within days of implementing Sales Booster into your team’s processes.  

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