Best Sales Automation Tools for Lead-Generation in 2021

Best Sales Automation Tools for Lead-Generation in 2021
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, AI-powered automation tools are transforming practically every aspect of the way we do business on today’s global markets, starting at the very core of all worthwhile transactions — sales automation.

Regardless if they're with an established company or a fledgling startup, sales reps often find themselves tied up with repetitive administrative tasks, making it increasingly difficult to actually focus on what matters most: closing deals. Many are too busy answering emails, tracking down business leads and scheduling meetings to even leave the office.    

That said, the message seems abundantly clear — automate or risk getting left behind as competitors swoop in to cash in on potential opportunities.  It’s important to get your sales team away from their desks and out in the field. Automation makes that possible. Sales automation tools can help your company, for example, compile data on prospective leads and update records. Setting up competent processes will allow you to better manage your team’s time and maintain a competitive edge. 

Sound overwhelming? It’s much easier than you think. Leadspicker has put together a list of the best automation tools on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer: 


Price: $500 per month 

In an effort to help companies grow and maintain successful inside sales teams, ScaleX sets up AI-powered processes that automate as much as 75 percent of sales reps’ day-to-day tasks. 

From expanding your monthly pipeline to getting you into the C-Suite by creating your company’s ideal customer profile and sourcing leads, ScaleX’s virtual business development representatives are up to 10 times more productive than in-house teams.

Securing 1,000 leads on average per month, ScaleX will save you time, while giving you the necessary resources to boost your annual revenue base.
ScaleX Pipeline Acceleration Platform

Price: Plans starting at $70 

A personalized sales approach is more important than ever before. Whether you’re using LinkedIn, WhatsApp, text messages or traditional email to widen your prospecting net, Reply is your one-stop sales engagement shop, helping you automate multichannel communication while maintaining a personal touch. 

By offering an unlimited number of custom variables and follow-up sequence templates, Reply makes sure that all your emails look manually typed and end up in the recipient’s primary in-box and not the spam folder. This is a great way to grow your inbound or outbound prospecting pipeline.  
Multichannel sales engagement platform that automates email search

Sales Booster

Price: Plans starting at €1,500

Leadspicker’s Sales Booster guarantees constant lead generation and outreach for all types of businesses. The whole process starts with choosing your target market and describing your ideal customer profile to the data analyst, who then does all the configuration. 

One of the greater benefits of Sales Booster are its hooks and triggers which allows truly the best personalisation on the market. Finally, emails to your prospect will be hyper-personalised and relevant.

Sales Booster then constantly keeps prospecting and reaching out to your potential clients. All responses arrive in your inbox or automatically go directly to your calendar. Other good benefit is the human aspect of this service. Even the first plan includes holding weekly review calls with the team to ensure effectiveness and A/B test.


Price: On request  

Outreach not only automates your administrative tasks but compiles insights that help your team better navigate their game plans and develop a stronger engagement with existing as well as potential customers.

Outreach Galaxy allows reps to integrate crucial sales actions, like CRM, conversation intelligence and video, into one place, while Outreach Amplify optimizes sales strategies. It will increase your team’s engagement and automate certain tasks. 

The tool’s key focus is scalability, which is why it’s the go-to for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.
Their Sales Engagement Platform


Price: On request  

Simplify your outbound sales approach with Growbots, which uses extensive targeting criteria to zero in on your target market. You’ll have access to more than 100 million contacts and only pay for the leads that would be the best fit for your company. 

Select your prospects, set up your campaign and leave the delivery to Growbots. The tool bi-syncs with Salesforce and Hubspot to make sure there is no overlap, automatically generating followup emails and utilizing multi-channel sequencing to help you optimize your results more efficiently.     

With Growbots, spend about 30 minutes of the day working on your pipeline and the rest of your time perfecting your approach.
Growbots -- Outbound Sales Platform

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Price: Plans start at $64.99 per month

With a proven track record of highly targeted prospecting, it’s no wonder why so many companies turn to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to unlock more relevant market opportunities. 

Offering access to a global network of 500 million professionals, this popular automation tool allows you to conduct advanced searches of LinkedIn users based on criteria like location, industry, job title, company and education. After targeting your audience, Sales Navigator helps you keep tabs on your leads’ actions so that you can initiate a well-timed, meaningful engagement.
Sales Tool for Prospecting & Insights


Price: Plans start at $25 

Find out who’s researching your products and services with Bombora’s Company Surge Analytics. This B2B intent data will help your sales team grow your pipeline, prioritize accounts, customize outreach and ultimately close more deals.

Bombora’s Audience Solutions, meanwhile, will streamline your sales strategies, delivering targeted sales campaigns that will reach your audience across multiple channels. Compile your audience base using Bombora’s extensive database of attributes and intent signals that will help you gauge precisely when and what potential customers want to hear from you.
Bombora and Outreach partnership

HubSpot Sales Hub

Price: Plans starting at $50 per month

Start conversations, track engagement, grow your pipeline and connect from anywhere in the world. Sales Hub’s all-in-one automation tool will help you manage your day-to-day tasks more efficiently, giving you the freedom to focus on your customers and their needs. Features like email templates and tracking as well as follow-up automation and scheduling were designed specifically to optimize your sales processes and boost your overall monthly deal volume.


Price: On request 

Trying to figure out exactly when prospects are ready to buy can be a tricky balancing act, but there are ways to better your odds. Cognism uses intelligent sequencing to build up your pipeline and helps you personalize your outreach with powerful insights. Its analytics will streamline prospecting and facilitate predictable lead growth. 

You’ll be alerted when a lead, for example, changes a job, hosts an event or gets a promotion. You’ll hear about location moves, job listings and company funding rounds. And with this information, you’ll not only find ideal matches, but you’ll be able to time your approach to when they need you the most.
GDPR-compliant B2B sales and marketing lead generation platform


Price: On request  

Amplemarket is creating the next generation of sales automation tools that will help companies scale quickly. With a focus on lead generation, customized outreach and automating workflows, Amplemarket’s main goal is to empower sales reps to sell more using smart solutions.

Develop a personalized approach for every lead based on buying intent and filters that will help you customize your outreach and strengthen your sales pitch. You’ll save time searching for potential prospects with Amplemarket’s powerful lead generation engine, which will help you engage and follow-up with leads on multi channels so you never miss a deal opportunity.

It’s clear that sales teams can’t do it all. There is just too much on their plates and not enough hours in the day. Reps need to delegate; equip themselves with the right tools in order to grow their pipelines more efficiently through targeted prospecting and highly personalized approaches across multi channels. And the best way to do this is by implementing tried-and-tested AI-powered automation processes.

This, of course, is only a partial list of the best and most popular sales automation tools on the current market. Companies clearly have a lot of stellar options to choose from these days. Which ones have you tried?

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