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November 16, 2022

 Sales Booster vs ScaleX: Which Service Wins?

As your business expands, it puts pressure on your sales team. You want more customers, but your sales team spends a significant chunk of time managing the repetitive, time-consuming administration tasks, detracting from the essential job of closing new sales.

As a result, many companies discover the multiple benefits of sales automation by outsourcing the lead generation process.

Two established and experienced B2B sales outsourcing companies are Sales Booster and ScaleX. This post is a quick comparison between both companies to see which sales automation service wins in 2021.

With an automation sales service, sales outsourcing frees up your team to follow up on leads and close the deals, saving time on the daily menial tasks. It can be an excellent way to grow your business by engaging with the right decision-makers, cutting out the wasted time of cold calling and relying on a high number of sales calls to bring in new business.

Sales Booster

First out of the gate is Sales Booster, an AI automation sales lead generation service with impressive results.

Sales Booster sales automation offers a highly personalized experience. The company sources detailed data to qualify the ideal decision-makers for your business. They find prospects ready to buy, sending a steady flow of red-hot leads to your inbox.

Sales Booster's efficient and automated sales lead generation service boasts of having helped create automated sales with over 500 teams in more than 42 countries to date.

The Sales Booster website has many glowing testimonies to the efficacy of the Sales Booster automation sales service.

Sales Booster has a simple six-step process for lead generation for your business

  1. Choosing the right audience - Sales Booster works closely with you to ascertain your ideal customer persona. A data analyst configures the data to target the right decision-makers for your business.
  2. Personalized Emails – Sales Booster never send generic emails. Each email is personalized and relevant to the receiver. By the time the prospect is ready to buy, they are excited to meet you.
  3. You retain control – you don't have to worry about losing control of a sales automation campaign because Sales Booster encourages you to be part of the campaign for the project's entirety.
  4. Guaranteed Delivery of Emails – Sales Booster has an excellent email reputation so your messages don't end up in the prospect's spam box.
  5. Split testing – all messages and follow-up emails are sent in sequence to get to the right person at the right time with the right message. You can work alongside Sales Booster's expert team to manage the testing.
  6. Leads to your inbox – automation sales responses automatically arrive in your chosen email inbox or can be sent directly to a calendar.

Sales Booster also offers a LinkedIn prospecting option, where you can connect with your ideal clients with highly-personalized messages. It can take time to build a client base from LinkedIn, but Sales Booster extends your reach and makes the sales automation process easier and more effective to find new leads on LinkedIn.

Sales Booster is a simple, effective sales automation system that works like clockwork to get more clients for your business. With many glowing testimonials from happy clients, the Sales Booster service is a great way to double your sales pipeline for a fraction of the work.

Sales Booster Pricing and Services

For your automation sales lead generation service, Sales Booster has three options –

  1. Pilot version – a no strings attached 45-day trial run to test Sales Booster capabilities and results. You can review campaigns weekly and have the services of a dedicated data analyst and account manager.
    Price: €1,500 – €3,500
  2. Monthly – after completing the pilot, a monthly option is available, with a flat fee or long-term contract to suit your needs. The monthly option is an excellent way to have a steady flow of leads every month, ready for your sales team to close and grow your business.
    Price: €1,000 – €3,000
  3. Enterprise – Sales Booster offer a bespoke, individually priced service for larger companies.

Sales Booster is not an off-the-shelf service. Because every business is unique, they tailor your campaign explicitly to your personal and business requirements, ensuring that you get the best results, sending the ideal clients eager to buy directly to your inbox.

The Sales Booster onboarding process is 7-10 days.


ScaleX is an AI-powered social selling service, which can help your business leverage social media platforms like  LinkedIn and Twitter to generate sales and leads.

You can set up an account with ScaleX in a matter of minutes. You can choose the level of engagement you require and start receiving dozens of replies from your ideal customers every month, all on auto-pilot.

ScaleX Pricing and Services

ScaleX have three core services for generating automated sales leads from social selling -

  1. Social Selling – this ScaleX service gets you 50+ daily profile views, over 100 daily connection requests, sequenced messaging and fifty daily emails. ScaleX suggests their service can generate over fifty replies each month for your business. They also engineer one-to-one meetings with your ideal customers and aim to get business exposure on podcasts and even TV.
    Price: $500 per month
  2. Warm Introductions – ScaleX uses AI technology to find referral opportunities for sales automation. This service will create introductions to at least 50 potential clients from a list of 500 prospects per quarter, bringing warm introductions to your business. You can expect at least ten meetings a month with your ideal customers.
    Price: $500 per warm introduction
  3. Pipeline as a service – ScaleX's premier outbound sales automation service. You can anticipate 1,000 leads and ten or more meetings each month with your ideal clients. ScaleX uses email, social and paid ads, included in the premium service cost. You get 5,000 dials (call attempts) per month and have the option of personalized videos (it's unclear if this is a paid extra)
    Price: $7,000 per month

ScaleX specializes in lead generation from social selling. A page on the website is dedicated to results data, though there are no specifics for clients and no direct testimonials from customers.

Which Sales Automation Service is the Best for 2021?

Sales Booster vs ScaleX

Which AI automated sales lead generation service is the best?

Although both companies focus on outbound lead generation for automated sales, the way they go about it is significantly different.

Sales Booster primarily contacts your targeted audience via highly-personalized emails, intending to engage with the right decision-makers for your business. You are in control at every stage, and the campaign adapts as necessary with your feedback and requirements.

ScaleX is focused on social selling, finding your target audience via social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. The latter is the leading B2B social media platform. But how effective is an automated social selling service on these platforms?

ScaleX has data on their website showing conversation to meeting ratios. For instance, one 146 day campaign included over 25,000 sales calls, 9000+ emails, and 1,400+ social activities. The ScaleX social selling efforts resulted in generating only twenty-three meetings.

The question is whether sales automation is a numbers game, and our first instinct is to say yes, to a degree. But if a sales campaign is highly targeted and relevant, the numbers do not have to be high to get impressive results.

And this is what Sales Booster does and does it well.

Sales Booster contacted 797 potential decision-makers for one online therapy client, had a 67% open rate, and generated 20 new leads.

Another example is a Sales Booster client that develops and produces technologically advanced prototype machines and equipment. The Sales Booster campaign for this client contacted only 300 decision-makers, had a 70% open rate and generated an impressive 41 potential new clients. That's a 1 in 7 response rate, which by any standard is spectacular.

Both lead generation services are professional and help businesses increase their sales pipeline. You may not want to engage in social media marketing and prefer a sales automation service that contacts prospects with highly relevant personalized and sequenced emails.

Ultimately, your decision may come down to personal preference and which service better suits the needs of your company.

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