Hack your company's growth with Sales Outsourcing

Hack your company's growth with Sales Outsourcing
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Long-term business growth is the goal for every business owner. Underpinning that growth is a strong sales team, focused and efficient, driving sales to your business. If you have a business expansion plan, outsourcing your sales team can increase profit and productivity without the costs and resources of adding in-house sales members.

Creating an in-house sales team with no guarantee of results takes time and energy, and a high turnover of sales employees can impact your business.

Today, more companies are relying less on employing in-house sales staff to increase business.

Hiring external sales staff can provide the right top-level sales staff to increase your company revenue from new sales. An outsourced sales team can rapidly bring results, increase sales revenue, and lower costs than managing in-house sales teams.

What is Sales Outsourcing?

To outsource your sales professional for business means delegating responsibilities for hiring a sales team to a third-party provider. Outsourcing your sales staff removes the time-consuming headaches of advertising for, interviewing and training new sales staff.

Time saved from outsourced team members releases a company to focus on other essential aspects of the business.

If you are a small business owner, you may imagine that only large companies hire outsourced sales teams, but this is not the case. Even small companies can benefit from hiring external staff and keep within their budget.

As a business owner, you want to manage and monitor your sales team. But the benefits of hiring pre-qualified members to your sales team may outweigh the challenges and costs of training and managing an in-house sales team.

What are the Benefits of Sales Outsourcing?

There are many benefits, but the following three examples can significantly impact the bottom line for your company.

Reducing the costs of sales staff turnover

18.9 million employees leave the workplace every year (USA Today, 2020). According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2021, 5.5 million employees have left their employment.

Employee turnover cost U.S. Businesses $630 billion in 2020 (Source: Financesonline.com). When you hire a new sales member to the team, you have no idea if you're hiring a loyal and effective sales team member or if they'll quit a few months down the line. Or worse, they don't perform, and you must start the hiring process again.

A third-party provider sends fully vetted sales candidates for your sales team, saving you countless hours of interviews and background checks.

A flexible sales team

When business is booming, increased demands put pressure on your in-house sales team. You face the dilemma of hiring extra sales staff quickly, which is not always easy to do. The primary benefit is hiring temporary staff when you need them and reducing staff when business demands decrease.

A high-performance sales team

You can spend months training in-house staff, only to discover they fail to perform effectively. A professional company can provide experienced, high-performing sales professionals who can quickly increase your business sales.

Improved sales efficiency

If your in-house team loses productivity, it can be challenging to increase sales targets. When you want to increase sales revenues, hiring top sales talent from a third-party provider can provide the much-needed boost for your business.

An efficient outsource sales team can grow your business. Having an external source for finding good salespeople is an excellent way to scale up without the increased costs of hiring permanent in-house sales staff.

How easy is it to set up with an external sales service, and what should you look for from a third-party sales staff provider for outsourcing sales team members?

How Do You Outsource a Sales Team? 

When hiring a company to find you the right salespeople for your team, it's crucial that you understand their process and how it relates to your business. Business owners may find it tricky to relinquish control over a sales team because they fear losing brand messaging. But the right provider can help to address your concerns.

When weighing up the pros and cons, learn the specifics of the company hiring process and ask about their vetting procedures.  You can still retain control over the hiring process as you can ask to interview screened candidates before hiring. Be clear about your expectations and business goals, and ask for ongoing tracking so you can monitor results on a daily or weekly basis.

Key Considerations When Evaluating an Outsourced Sales Partner

How can you be sure you're choosing the right company?

You want to know that the partnership will increase your bottom line. You require a valuable source of sales staff that will stay true to your brand message and company procedures.

Cost-effectiveness and productivity is the backbone of your business, so what should you look for when considering a business partnership with an external sales company?

  1. Don't base your decision on cost - Understandably, you want to minimize business costs, but cheapest is not necessarily best. It's essential to know that the company produces results by supplying your company with top quality sales professionals with proven abilities.
  2. Does the company have proven sales methodologies? – for in-house sales staff, you want your company represented at its best. Poor sales practices could damage the company reputation. Also, does the company have a methodology for evaluating and measuring results?
  3. Be proactive in the partnership – be clear about your needs and expectations so you can be confident the company can demonstratively prove they can provide the service for your business.
  4. Avoid the typical call centers – (if looking for telephone sales staff) you are looking for top-quality sales staff to represent your company. Seek a professional sales provider with qualified sales staff rather than customer service and support staff.
  5. Don't expect instant results – it may take a little time for new salespeople to learn about your products or service. Your responsibility is to onboard new staff efficiently so they can quickly adapt and align with your sales brand and marketing message.
  6. Make decisions promptly – formulate a list of essential criteria for selection and interview a small handful of companies before deciding on the right company for your business.

Partner with an outsourcing company with operational sales teams and that can upscale your current efforts.

If you are an international business, can the company provide sales staff globally? For internal sales staff, do they provide qualified leads or warm leads?

What Sales Outsourcing Should Not Be

Some aspects of the process benefit from clarification to avoid confusion later in the process.

What sales outsourcing is not

  • A way to avoid managing and training sales staff – you are still responsible for onboarding the sales team to equip them to do the best job for your company.
  • Outsourcing to solution partners or resellers – you have no control of the sales process with these external sources.
  • Taking on commission-based sales agents – even externally hired staff need to be part of the team committed to your business goals and not just get commissions.
  • Handing sales functions over to other company departments – successful selling is a professional role not suited to inexperienced non-sales staff

Sales Outsourcing is Not for Everyone (When not to outsource)

Is your company ready for more sales? It can be tempting to think that extra sales are the answer to existing company issues.

There are a few questions to ask before committing to a decision.

  1. Is your product ready for the market?
    If the product is in short supply or not prepared for market, wait until availability before asking your sales team to contact prospective clients.
  2. Are there existing problems within the company that need solving before increasing sales?
    To maximize the benefits of hiring sales staff, sort out company issues first. There's no point in taking on new team members if the company has unresolved issues.
  3. Can the company infrastructure cope with more sales?
    Does the company have sufficient staff to handle extra work? Can you deliver on time and provide excellent service to customers?
  4. Do you have the time to onboard new staff?
    Even the best sales professionals require a little in-house training to learn the company procedures, sales practices, products and services.
  5. Can you afford to outsource sales staff?
    Work out your business budget and compare the long-term cost of hiring in-house staff and outsourcing sales team members. Many companies discover the cost benefits far outweigh in-house employee expenditure.

How Much Does Outsourcing Sales Cost?

It may appear expensive to hire outsourced sales staff. But, what would it cost to increase your in-house team?

Not looking at salary and commissions alone, but weighing up the total costs of in-house sales staff:

  • Salary
  • Company car
  • Pension
  • Commissions
  • Insurance
  • Sick pay
  • Redundancy pay (if the company experienced financial difficulties)

You could pay as little as $1,000 to $5,000 per project or, for a longer-term role, between $8,000 to $15,000 per month (2021).

Compare these figures to the in-house cost for a sales professional.

In-house sales management roles can add up to around $120k, and for your sales team, $50k or more per person.

Regardless of the stage of your business needs, these costs are month by month rather than when you need a sales drive. And there's no guarantee of stability with an in-house team. If a sales team member becomes seriously ill, you have to pay a salary without the benefit of ongoing sales. When a salesperson quits, the money you invested leaves with them.

When you add up the pros and cons of outsourcing sales, it's not so expensive because you lose the employee costs. If you need to scale back to manage increased sales, you don't have the worry and costs of redundancies.

Understandably, most companies are concerned about trusting someone else to hire their sales staff. You may be concerned about the costs and reluctant to bring in external team members.

You might be interested in increasing sales, helping your existing team close deals, and not outsourcing for extra salespeople.  

Getting Qualified Leads for your Business

There is a way you can sample a taste of getting targeted leads for your company without hiring staff, no onboarding process or the expense of coaching new staff to be productive sales team members.

We're sure you'll agree that maximizing the time your sales team spends selling is something that would benefit your company.

Getting results is what counts and what impacts the bottom line for your business.

Finding qualified leads can be a challenge, so an outsourced protocol can help take away the headaches of finding clients ready to buy and help your sales team close more leads.

Sales Booster is an automated lead generation service that targets your ideal customers. You get to choose your business requirements with a done for you service.

  • Choose your target market
  • Fully personalized emails
  • You retain control at all times
  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Automated sequenced emails with split A/B testing

Sales Booster is like having an extra member to the sales team, supplying you with an inbox full of leads all the time. You can find out if your prospect has been to any events, posted on social media, or any other information that helps build a customer profile.

You can test run Sales Booster with a pilot version to demonstrate the anticipated results for your company.

Key Takeaways for Sales Outsourcing

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of an outsourced sales team. It's a thriving business model providing businesses with top-quality, high-yielding sales teams.

Hiring sales staff when needed is an efficient and effective way to increase your current revenue and save the costs of hiring and managing an in-house sales team.

Find the right partnership as a boost to all or part of your sales team and processes.

To see how outsourcing leads for your sales team may help your business increase sales, you can request a  Sales Booster demo. Once you experience the benefits for your business, you may decide this is a proactive and practical addition to growing your sales.

Upgrade to the next generation of sales prospecting

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