Tips for creating the ultimate tool stack for sales directors

Tips for creating the ultimate tool stack for sales directors
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

Sales directors have a lot of their plates. They oversee every aspect of a company’s sales operation. They have the final say on strategy and decide which frameworks to use. If their team isn't meeting the monthly quota, it is up to the sales director to figure out why and find a solution — fast.

The job is no doubt overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are many powerful tools out there to help busy sales directors streamline their processes, uncovering what works and what needs to be improved in order to increase results. 

We’ve put together a list of tools — broken down by section — that every sales team needs to survive in today’s competitive market. 


Prospecting is the core function of any sales department job — reaching out to targets who might not know much about your company and fueling interest. It’s time-consuming, mundane work that essentially keeps your reps chained to their desks instead of out in the field. This is why more and more sales directors are looking to automate as much of the prospecting process as possible, so that their teams can focus on turning the most promising targets into bonafide customers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Offering access to a global network of 500 million professionals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to conduct advanced manual searches of LinkedIn users based on criteria like location, industry, job title, company and education. After targeting your audience, Sales Navigator helps you keep tabs on your leads’ actions so that you can initiate a well-timed, meaningful engagement. Keep in mind that you'll still need to do the search yourself however, it will save a lot of your time.

Sales Booster

Double your pipeline & bring more clients in just a few simple clicks. Linkedin Sales Navigator is more of a “do-it-yourself” tool; however, Sales Booster is a service that completely takes care of prospecting’s administrative and repetitive daily tasks. Get a dedicated Account Manager and Data Analyst to help you meet and beat your KPIs. 

Specify your target criteria and watch as potential clients pour into your inbox within days.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Possibly the most important ingredient in any sales directors’ toolstack, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps guide the overall success of your department. CRM software manages and works to improve all of your company’s business relationships, from existing to potential customers at every stage of the sales journey. It gathers large amounts of data to analyze and offer insights on prospects as well as ways to streamline sales operations and increase profitability.


Pipedrive uses an activity-based selling approach that focuses on scheduling, completing and tracking activities. This CRM platform’s visual pipeline lets you monitor each deal in real time, so you know exactly what each of your sales reps is up to. Through customized reports and insights, Pipedrive shows sales directors exactly what needs to be prioritized in order to close more deals. Pipedrive is suitable even for small businesses and startups.


We all probably know Salesforce as they're one of the market leaders in CRM software. Salesforce is an integrated platform that allows all departments in a company, including sales and marketing, to have a shared view of every customer. It offers solutions related to customer service, analytics and marketing automation among other things. Salesforce is often considered as a CRM solutions primarily for bigger firms.   

Phone system integration for Salesforce | CloudTalk


Sales directors need to keep a close eye on the numbers. Are reps hitting their monthly targets? Is revenue steadily growing? It’s a lot to keep track of. This is where sales analytics software comes in handy. You’ll be able to easily analyze your sales data, which will help you to more thoroughly measure the effectiveness of your department processes and flag any potential problems.    


InsightSquared syncs deal activity and engagement, giving sales directors a better overview of their departments. They will be able to track their sales reps performance and see how prospects are responding. The insights will help sales directors zero in on ways to improve the overall sales process, leading to predictable results and revenue.   

Knowledge Sharing

When you get right down to it, the best way to get ahead in the sales race is to pool your knowledge and resources. But this can be hard to coordinate. Sales reps are busy people and don’t often have time to track down information, which is why using knowledge-sharing software is a must for any sales director looking to help their team succeed. 


Guru organizes your department’s information and allows sales reps to easily access it from anywhere at any time. You’ll be able to share essential product information that will help your team build stronger business relationships and close more deals. What’s more, Guru will automate your onboarding process and streamline internal communication. We'd recommend a similar knowledge sharing platform to any team out there. 

Sales Motivation & Performance Tracking 

It’s important to stay connected with your sales reps —  the ones sitting in the office as well as the ones working remotely. Sales directors need to keep their teams motivated. Satisfied reps will deliver consistent results and hit their monthly quotas. There are a number of tools that can help you track business metrics and spot the early signs of employee burnout.  


When it launched a decade ago, Plecto initially focused on helping sales teams track their KPIs. Today, this engagement and motivation platform offers a company-wide solution that lays the groundwork for a performance-driven work culture. Employees can oversee their own contributions and individual goals using real-time business dashboards and  performance-driven engagement tools. We've just implemented Plecto for our internal sales team and so far, it's been a great upgrade!

Sales directors need to make sure their toolstack is up to the latest standards. Automation tools and software capable of streamlining your processes will help you make smarter long-term strategic decisions about prospecting, customer engagement and employee morale and satisfaction.

Find out how Sales Booster can help you integrate multi-channel sales techniques into your department, leading to more predictable lead generation and revenue growth. Set up a meeting with our team today and start automating tomorrow. 

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