Top 10 B2B Sales Resources To Follow In 2021

Top 10 B2B Sales Resources To Follow In 2021
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

If you aren’t up to date on all the latest B2B sales trends, then you’ll want to play catch up with some of the industry’s top thought leaders. We’ve put together a list of our favorite blogs you need to follow in 2021.

Sales Hacker 

With its wide-ranging blog content, podcasts and forums, Sales Hacker is a one-stop shop for collecting practical solutions, tips and other insights that will help kick your sales into overdrive. This popular B2B sales network was created by sales professionals for sales professionals. It has a little something for everyone — including sales operations support teams. Whether you’re looking to beef up your prospecting skills, brush up on your coaching techniques or are hunting for a sales training event nearby, Sales Hacker is your go-to resource.     

SaaStr Blog 

SaaStr is one of the world’s largest social communities of SaaS professionals, sharing comprehensive posts on best practices and insights for building and scaling SaaS companies. Jason Lemkin started SaaStr as a WordPress blog where he’d post his replies to questions he’d receive on Quora. His site now gets more than 3 million views a month and has been named one of the Top 100 Blogs for Entrepreneurs by Forbes

Predictable Revenue 

Predictable Revenue is helmed by thought leaders Aaron Ross and Collin Stewart, global experts on outbound sales development strategies that help B2B companies grow much faster and more predictably. Collin keeps Predictable Revenue’s blog current, posting fresh content every few days about how to better position your sales team to sell more confidently and successfully. He also hosts a popular podcast with influential outbound sales leaders that acts as a nice complement to his blog.     

A Sales Guy 

Jim Keenan, author, coach and sales extraordinaire, founded A Sales Guy to help bring companies into the digital age. His blog offers the usual tips and tricks of the trade — cold-calling musts, the importance of CRM systems — as well as a dedicated section for best recruitment practices for sales departments looking to scale fast. 

Sales Gravy 

Best-selling author Jeb Blout started Sales Gravy with the aim of helping sales teams and their leaders reach peak performance fast by creating a culture of high sales productivity. His blog posts dive into such issues as sales acceleration, leadership and customer experience. He also shares quite a bit of content from leading sales professionals and global thought leaders.  

Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog 

A frequent speaker on the sales conference circuit, Jill Konrath has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies hone their customer acquisition techniques. She’s a renowned sales strategist and dynamic storyteller who dutifully dispenses tips on topics like reeling in prospects, accelerating growth and what it takes to excel as a sales rep in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive climate. If you don’t have time to read her books (“More Sales Less Time,” “Agile Selling,” “SNAP Selling), not to worry — her blog is Jill-lite but with all the juiciness of her best-sellers. 

Sales for Life 

Sales for Life keeps its blog content fresh and relevant. Its team of experts pioneered digital sales growth strategies that lead to healthier pipeline volumes and predictable revenue flow. They are only too happy to share their cultivated know-how with others interested in the powerful benefits of social selling. You’ll learn about, among other things, how to rid your pipeline of dead leads and why it’s important to implement an account-based sales strategy. 

No More Cold Calling 

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of referral selling, then Joanne Black’s popular blog should be your first stop. Joanne is a leading authority on the subject, having helped dozens of companies fast-track lead generation and increase pipeline growth by building a solid referral network. Get tips on how to improve your B2B lead generation strategies and build client trust in a virtual world.    

The Center For Sales Strategy 

The Center for Sales Strategy is a sales performance consulting firm that helps B2B organizations build high-performing sales teams. CSS has a number of leading sales experts contributing to its blogs. In addition to a blog dedicated to how to attract, retain and train the best talent on today’s market, CSS maintains another two blogs — one focused on sales performance and enablement and another that centers on employee engagement and how to boost sales rep productivity.  

The Sales Blog 

Anthony Iannarino, a noted B2B sales coach and accelerator expert, specializes in strategic planning and sales growth. His blog has helped to further establish him as global thought leader on sales strategy. His writing focuses on complex selling processes facing B2B companies. His most popular posts give readers insights into, for example, prospecting done right, improving win rates and what to learn from bad cold calls.    


CloserIQ is focused on driving sustainable growth by helping companies to attract, hire and retain top talent. Its blog has a dedicated sales section that explores ways to boost performance and productivity. Its writers also dish out tips and tricks for building a dynamic sales team. Posts examine everything from how sales teams can adapt to major changes in B2B buying habits to how to create an effective sales forecasting model.   

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