Your Business Should Care About Social Selling: Here’s Why

Your Business Should Care About Social Selling: Here’s Why
Vlastimil Vodička
December 14, 2021

The future of sales is here, and it’s full of social selling. Social media has taken over the world in many ways, including marketing and selling.

Thankfully, there is now a way to replace cold calling as the primary way to contact prospects and generate leads. You’ve probably already heard talk of social selling, but may be wondering: what is social selling? And how can you get started? Keep reading to discover how to change the way you do business forever. 

Social Selling Explained

The concept is simple enough: social selling is using a brand’s social media presence to make sales. This is not the same as social media advertising. It is more about forming a connection between the brand and the consumer. Person-to-person communication is key here. Social selling can be effective for all types of sales, whether it be products for a general consumer, B2B services, and so much more. 

Social selling relies on relationship building and trust. This works by making the consumer feel less like they are being sold to and more like they are forming a bond over something mutually beneficial. 

Social Selling Data

Social buying is on the rise amongst young consumers. According to Statista:

  • 1 out of 4 Americans from ages 18 to 34 make purchases via social media
  • India has a staggering 44% of people ages 35-54 social buying. 

As social buying is on the rise, interest in social selling has also increased at even higher numbers. Statista found that:

  • 73% of businesses are currently utilizing social media for sales 
  • An additional 6% plan to get started within the next three years. 

The data has proven that social selling gives you access to vast amounts of people who are interested in buying on social media. And most companies are already on board and working with their teams to get their name out there online. 

Why Is Social Selling Important

Social media is where your audience is. They are not only there to socialize, but they are also interested in making purchases that matter to them. Being present in the avenues your customers are ensures that you are using the best lead generation methods. The data is there. People are buying on social media, and brands are taking advantage of this. 

An important aspect of any type of selling is seeking out the customers. People around the world, on average, are spending almost three hours per day scrolling through their social media apps. With the extremely high number of people on social media, your odds of being seen by interested parties are heavily increased. 

Benefits of Social Selling

Find your audience with ease

Social media is the best way to get connected with like-minded people. With over half the world’s population using social media sites with the most advanced and always improving algorithms, the right content is sure to be found by the right people. This creates the perfect environment for sales. With the right amount of research of your target audience, you can see more prospects than ever before. 

Improve customer service tactics

Easy communication is important to the customer. Getting problems solved fast and correctly is a great way to get people impressed with your brand and way more likely to return in the future. Having a good customer service team ready to handle incoming social media messages and posts will ensure your brand maintains a positive reputation in the digital space. 

Develop your brand’s authority 

Quality brand recognition helps you sell. Using social media to enhance your brand’s image will boost sales. You want a combination of brand awareness and authority, making online consumers not only know about you but trust what you have to say and offer. This will give you the edge over your competitors. If the consumer knows to trust you first, they may turn to you if they see advertising or internet content from a competing brand. Posting consistently and thoughtfully is a great way to achieve this. Get social media users engaged with your online content. 

Social Proof

The easiest way to market your brand is if you don’t have to. It’s one thing for you to tell consumers that your products or services are worth their time. It’s another, much better thing if consumers tell other consumers for you. In the marketing context, social proof means evidence from other consumers that a brand is worthwhile. Social media makes it easy for information to spread, and positive opinions about your brand can be spread as easily as anything else. 

There are four main forms of social proof relevant to social selling, and all can benefit your brand: 

  1. Customer reviews
  2. Expert opinions
  3. Celebrity endorsements
  4. Positive rating averages

Utilizing the rating and review tools on social media and referencing them in your posts can boost your credibility and get people talking about your brand. 

What are Some Social Selling Tools?

There are many web tools made with the seller in mind. Social selling is always improving, and investing your time or money into some tools to help understand algorithms and your success can keep you on top of things, even as things evolve. There are tools to track the success of your posts as well as manage your inboxes to improve customer relationship management (CRM). 

Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

If you want to see your progress on your LinkedIn social selling, the score created by Sales Navigator has the tools for you. The social selling index LinkedIn offers really helps brands understand how to utilize the platform properly and exceed their sales goals. The SSI has proven to work for many brands, and it is free to generate your score. Although only your LinkedIn profile is factored in, you can use the suggestions LinkedIn provides to improve your social selling game on other platforms. 


Managing posts and prospect conversations on multiple platforms can be confusing. You may miss out on important business opportunities if you aren’t well organized. Fortunately, Hootsuite makes that easy. Hootsuite allows you to schedule all your posts across all social media platforms and view all your inboxes at once. They also have tools to track your progress and see what content is getting results and what isn’t. 


ReachOut by ZoomInfo uses their B2B database to get you closer to your leads. This Google Chrome extension works with LinkedIn to access prospects’ phone numbers and email addresses directly from their profiles. If cold calls or cold emailing works best for your business, ReachOut is an incredibly useful tool. 


This tool is useful for customer service interactions and managing all your open deals. Like ReachOut, all your data is in one place. HubSpot notifies you when your lead saw your email or checked your website, making it easier to know what information they have and when or how to follow up with them. 

The Bottom Line

Social selling is the new way to grow your business and generate meaningful leads. It makes sense. Social media is taking over the world, with more than half the population logging in for almost three hours a day. Staying up to date with the ways customers are making purchases is a great way to expand your business. There are plenty of resources out there for you to get started. Getting your brand name out there before your competition can be vital, so get started with social selling today. 

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